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Perception is key - Lady Spinsters DJs

Perception is key

Perception is key


Impessions-Quotes.001.jpgI get a bunch of people that say “I have this idea” or “I have this song I want you to listen to” or “let me show you this.” Most times the ideas are packaged right, and delivered correctly and other times, sometimes the idea is PURE awesomeness, but the delivery is horrible. So, one of the things that I ask them is that if you took yourself out of “yourself” for a moment, and viewed your stuff in third person, would you buy it? Would you invest in it the way that the song’s presented, or the way that you’re company’s service is put out there? Would you invest in it?

The first answer they give me is “sure, it may need some work”, and I’m like no…answer it in a way that you may say to yourself if you were to walk up on you in the street just looking or listening to the product. Would you buy it? How would you critic it? If it needs work, what do you think you may need to do to improve it so that you would want to buy it or invest in it?

These are the questions you should ask…seriously…to yourself before you put out a product or a song, or an idea. How can you present it in a way that others would want to get it? To become EXCITED about it. First impressions is everything. Don’t mean that a song is bad, or a product is bad or an idea is bad. Just means that it needs to be executed in a way to cause excitement, to cause interest in someone to need it, to want it, to have it. Especially if you want to gain capital from it. It needs to have that “umph” to it.

It’s important, because there’s oodles of individuals who don’t get noticed because of the presentation. The misconception is that you may have to fork out a bunch of money. If you don’t have a lot of money, use the notion of “turn spam into a five-star meal”. Involve an intern, heck there’s Art Institutes and other college students who would love to gain the hands on experience in something to not only assist you in what you’re doing, they’ll gain a portfolio for themselves. Google and youtube how to get it done, if you’re a control freak like myself, lol. Find a way to make it happen so that you can look as professional and as put together as possible.

Always remember the importance of PRESENTATION, because you never know who’ll you’ll meet, and that there’s always somebody who knows somebody, who’ll remember who you are and how you presented yourself. Make each step count. If you seem to want motivation, go pick up a can of spam or lemons and make it work to perfection. And THAT’S my thought of the day.

20 July 2014 conference call

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