Klearance Kween Saving money while staying trendy

Klearance kween While strolling online, I happened to crawl across this young lady. I’ve always wanted to know the art to couponing, because you watch tv and other things and see them coming out with boxes and boxes of stuff and not pay full price. So I had to come across Ms. Klearance Kween.


LadySpinsters: So why are you crowned Klearance Kween?

Klearance Kween: Hahaha..well, I absolutely hate paying full price for things. i would walk into a store when i was younger and notice something that just came out, and was like ok…right now it’s $100, but if i wait two weeks, it’ll go down to clearance, and i can pay almost half the price. And that’s what i used to do. My family and friends would laugh at it and I would laugh along while putting my savings back in my purse.

LS: So what made you get into the Couponing world wind?

KK: I grew up in a home where my mom worked a lot and we didn’t have much. So we grew up cutting corners, going to thrift shops, and other places to save money. When I got older, I would to go to designer stores, and march straight to the clearance rack, and rack up on cloths. After I had kids, KIDS CAN EAT BY THE WAY!

LS: Yes lawd, they sure can!

KK: Yes! So, after I had kids, I was like ok, with the cost of daycare, extra curricular activities, and such, i wanted to still be able to provide for them, and still afford to have a life with the kids doing fun stuff. So, that’s where couponing came into play. I would go online searching for coupons, and deals, and hit the stores early in the morning or when ever i had free time. That way i could get household essentials, and other things, and use the extra money for vacations, and other things.

LS: That’s good. So what’s the art-form to it?

KK: Have lots of patience, and look…like REALLY look for deals. There’s a lot of websites that I research and dig so that I can get the deals, organize my notepad as to what I’m getting and where (what stores), and head out to the stores. I was thinking about teaching a class on it, just trying to get my ducks in a row first.

LS: What advice do you have for those thinking about couponing?

KK: There’s nothing wrong with wanting to save money, and being frugal. You can get the quality of things that you want at a price that don’t break the bank. Save money while staying trendy. Pay full price or what!


For more info: www.facebook.com/Klearance-Kween

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