Adeezy Da Don

Adeezy Da Don

adezzy da donAndrew Grant better known as Adeezy Da Don is an entertainer born in Phoenix, AZ. He was first motivated by family members to express his passion for music. At a very young age of fourteen he was introduced to drugs, gangs, and violence. Within the same year he was involved in an altercation that caused him to serve almost one year in a juvenile detention center that changed his life forever.

At the age of fifteen Adeezy Da Don was adopted into a family and given a second chance at life so he made a positive change using his past experiences as a life lesson to help become a skilled writer and entertainer exploring his journey into the music industry. Adeezy Da Don has featured with artist such as Kay Bandz, Hannibal Leq, Yung Wax, and Da Beast. Adezzy da don

In 2012 Adeezy Da Don was featured on Grand Hustles’ in the Phoenix Edition Compilation which escalated his brand in the Arizona Hip Hop community. Adeezy Da Don is also the co-founder of the music group S.S.H. (Savage Squad Hustlerz) and street team called (Arizona Threat). Adeezy Da Don also has artist in his group S.S.H.; They are also looking to make noise on major scale, they are known as Caos Shawty, Tmos Dinero, and Ace Boog. Growing as an artist he has taken big steps in his career that can put his city on the map to establish that Arizona does have talent that is just waiting to be seen.

Most recently under the direction of JS Agent Consulting Adeezy Da Don is now being managed by 2 Man Army Entertainment Inc. under Gator Boy Muzik Record Label and is being published by Neal Reed Worldwide. He is working on his first global album release in spring of 2015.


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