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About - Lady Spinsters DJs


Lady Spinsters gives the women DJ population a platform to call their own. With an industry heavily populated by men, it’s important for us to unite as one. Female DJ’s, including DJ Tatiana and DJ Sandra Collins have been recognized as being one of the top 5 DJ’s in the world. However, there are some female DJ’s who get lost in the shuffle of an overly populated male presence and DJ groups, that we felt a need to create a platform so women have a voice. 

Cheri Simmons, founder and chief of Lady Spinsters created this organization August 6, 2012. “What makes us unique, is that we consists of primarily all female DJs from all over the world. From the US, Australia, Canada, Africa, UK…we give the females a voice,” says Simmons. 

Lady Spinsters has been involved in such events including THE MAKING OF A DREAM (Atlanta), DJ’s UNITED. We have also took part in some projects of Motown own Scotty Rebel and MP3WAXX Chuck Taylor. Currently we have the LSN Radio Magazine, and will be piloting a reality show, which we will be scouting and showing the public the daily operations of Lady Spinsters. 

We are a network that is growing so the universe is our limits and beyond.